2007 Junior Rebels

What Made the News in 2007…

The Rebels enjoyed a remarkable season, finishing 5th in a league with a 13-9-2 record. This was a great accomplishment for the second year team. After a bit of a rocky start, under the coaching direction of Dennis Ewen and Ed Collins, the team came together and battled through some untimely injuries and penalty troubles, to achieve a great finish on the season. The team had 2 players in the top 15 in points — Curt Callard finished the regular season off with 68 points and Ryan Mosdell with 49 points. Honourable mentions go to Tommy Tran (34 points), Trent Evans (29 points), Brett Reusch (28 points), Kalen Kessler (28 points) and Craig Smith (24 points).

After missing out on the first 6 games of the season due to injury, #1 goalie Rashad Dean finished the season off with a 84% save average and stopped over 600 shots. The other members of the team all put forth excellent effort in each of the games they played. The backup goalie, Justin Lamb, who stepped into the starting position at the onset of the season, faced 230 shots in 5 games. Thanks also goes to the all of the midget and intermediate players called up during the season, and most importantly for the playoffs: Michael Kennedy (Midget), Mark Leroux (Midget), Bobby Tammen (Intermediate), Scott O’Coin (Intermediate), Jarence Purvis (Intermediate) and Jeff Geyer (Intermediate). The team looks forward to seeing these young players join them in the future, as many of the current players are now eligible for Senior level lacrosse.

The Rebels would also like to acknowledge team trainer, Brittany Williams, for being at all the games and attending to the needs of the players. The efforts of our Governor, Dan Ovenden, must also be addressed; for without his work behind the scenes, there would not have been a team. Finally, without the support of Surrey Minor Lacrosse and the Association’s President, Beth McLucas, the team would not have been possible nor would it have had a venue to play in. The team enjoyed the support of the many loyal fans that came out and supported the team at both home and away games and looks forward to seeing many more in the future.