Field Officials

We’re Looking for Field Officials!

Surrey Lacrosse is always looking for referees and umpires (Women’s) for the field lacrosse season.  Interested individuals should contact either our Head Referee – Field or Vice President – Field.


Q: Who can apply to referee?
A: Anyone who is interested and is age 13 or older (or will be turning 13 within the current calendar year).

Q: Why become a referee?
A: You love the game of lacrosse and you can earn money while participating. It is also a fun thing to do and you will be giving back to the game. Oh ya, you may even find it helps you become a better player!

Q: What do I have to do?
A: It’s easy! Just contact us. The Head Referee (Field) and Executive will review your application and, if approved, you will need to take a referee clinic and information on dates will be sent to you.

Q: When are the clinics?
A: In October/November. They are usually on a Saturday or Sunday and last the whole day. All referees (new & returning) must take a clinic each year. The association will pay for the clinic as long as you referee a minimum of five (5) games during the season.

Q: What’s the time commitment?
A. You must be available during the season on weekend days to commit to officiating field lacrosse.

Q: Lets talk money. How much can I make?
A: That depends on what level you officiate but beginner referees will make $20 per game refereeing Mini-Tyke and Tyke games as well as $15 per game if they do the shot clock at other levels.

Q: What equipment do I need?
A: Whistle (MUST be FOX 40 Pealess), Rule Book & Referee Jersey (supplied when you take the clinic).

Q: Who do I contact for more information?
A: Contact the Head Referee (Field).

Referee Clinics

BCLA is running Field Lacrosse Officials Clinics for Levels Entry, 1 and 2 throughout the pre-season and regular season. For dates and locations, click here. If you are interested in attending a clinic, please contact our Head Referee (Field).

Bulletin from the Joint Officials Coaches Abuse Panel

The Joint Officials Coaches Abuse Panel (JOCAP) was created to put an end to the copious amount of verbal abuse that coaches, players, parents and fans inflict on the officials in our game and is comprised of twelve members – six from the BC Lacrosse Officials Association (BCLOA) and six from the BC Lacrosse Coaches Association (BCLCA). JOCAP’s mandate, as directed by both the BC Lacrosse Officials and Coaches Technical Support Groups during the 2015 Joint Special Session, is for both the officials and coaches sectors to work together to identify why there is so much abuse and to find solutions to this ongoing issue. Strong recommendations have been made to the Directorates for suspensions to help eliminate the abuse. For more information on JOCAP and to view instruction to officials for 2016, click here.