Coaches & Managers

Reference Documents for Coaches

We have a number of online reference documents that may be downloaded to assist coaches in helping their players better understand and perfect their game.

Reference Documents for Managers

We have a number of online reference documents that may be downloaded to assist managers organize their teams and games.

Editable Forms

Click here to access forms and templates contained in the Coaching Manual and Team Management Handbook which can be downloaded and customized to suit a team’s needs.

Interested in Coaching?

Anyone interested in head coaching or assistant coaching in the Surrey Lacrosse Association must apply by completing and submitting a Coaching Application.  The SLA Executive reviews all applications and makes selections based on previous experience, necessary coaching levels and coaching philosophy.

Criminal Record Checks

Every Volunteer (over age 18) working with the youth involved with Surrey Lacrosse Association must complete a Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Search (CRC) every three (3) years.  For more information on criminal record check process SLA follows, click here.

Coaching Clinics

Click here to access the BCLA Field Coaching Clinic Schedule.  To register for a clinic, please contact our Coaching Coordinator.

50/50 Gaming Licensing Application Procedure

All teams must apply individually for and obtain a Class D Gaming License (under $5,000) before starting their 50/50 Draws.  No draws can take place without this license.  The entire direct access gaming fund for Surrey Lacrosse Association can be terminated if unlicensed draws take place.  Each team must, upon receipt of its license, fully comply with the terms of the license, including accounting and reporting to the Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch.

To obtain a Class D Licence, click here for detailed instructions.

Note:  there is a one-time $10.00 fee that can be paid for only by credit card online.  The application typically takes 3 working days to be approved.  The Class D License is valid for 12 months.  A copy of the approved license must be forwarded to the President of the Surrey Lacrosse Association and another copy affixed to the side of the 50/50 bucket in plain view of participants.  Failure to obtain and demonstrate an approved Class D License prior to conducting a draw will result in suspension and disbanding of the team by the SLA Executive.

Note:  Individual ticket prices cannot be greater than $2.00.

Bulletin from the Joint Officials Coaches Abuse Panel

The Joint Officials Coaches Abuse Panel (JOCAP) was created to put an end to the copious amount of verbal abuse that coaches, players, parents and fans inflict on the officials in our game and is comprised of twelve members – six from the BC Lacrosse Officials Association (BCLOA) and six from the BC Lacrosse Coaches Association (BCLCA).  JOCAP’s mandate, as directed by both the BC Lacrosse Officials and Coaches Technical Support Groups during the 2015 Joint Special Session, is for both the officials and coaches sectors to work together to identify why there is so much abuse and to find solutions to this ongoing issue.  Strong recommendations have been made to the Directorates for suspensions to help eliminate the abuse.  For more information on JOCAP and to view instruction to officials for 2016, click here.