Players & Parents

Equipment to be Supplied by Player (Youth/Men’s)

Field lacrosse requires as a minimum a CSA or NOCSAE approved helmet and facemask, mouth guard, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, back & kidney pads, athletic support & cup, and lacrosse stick.

Footwear should be soccer or football cleats (non-metal).

Note that shoulder pads are mandatory pieces of equipment and must be worn at games, practices and evaluations.


Equipment to be Supplied by Player (Women’s)

Women’s field lacrosse equipment differs from Youth/Men’s field lacrosse equipment greatly. Protective eyewear/lacrosse goggles, mouth guard and CLA-approved women’s lacrosse stick (the head differs from the youth/men’s stick – click here for diagram) are required.

Footwear should be soccer or football cleats (non-metal).


Check with our local equipment shop, Cyclone Taylor Sports at 152 Street and Highway 10 and ask to speak to Wally for best equipment options with a home club discount offered if you say they play for Surrey Lacrosse!

It is imperative that players remember to maintain in good condition and bring their jersey and shorts to all games (as the team does not carry spares), as this brings a professional look to the team and to Surrey Lacrosse. Players must also remember to check their equipment and sticks before leaving for games or practices to ensure all are in good working order and accounted for in their bag.


The following online resources are currently available to parents:

BCLA Insurance Documents

Surrey Warriors Team Gear

All items bearing the Surrey Warriors logo or Surrey Lacrosse Association name MUST be ordered through Surrey Lacrosse Association via your team manager.  Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

To foster team spirit and participation we encourage you to support the association by purchasing Surrey Rebels apparel, bags, and other branded gear.  Visit our Team Gear Page to view our selection of hats, shirts, jackets, shorts, socks, bags, sport bottles, etc. available for purchase.

Equipment Supplied by Surrey Lacrosse

Goaltender Equipment, other than helmet/face shield, mouth guard, gloves, athletic support & cup is provided by the association.



Uniforms are supplied for all players for the season.

Please keep in mind that uniforms are a big expense for SLA and taking proper care of them is extremely important.

These uniforms are only being loaned out to the players and do not belong to our players.  Therefore players should not be wearing the club uniform for purposes other than lacrosse games. If players are unable to comply with this then we will have no other alternative but to implement a charge for the usage of uniforms


Proper care of uniforms:

  • Uniforms must be washed inside out and hung to dry
  • Please do not put uniform in the dryer
  • Please do not cut the tags off the uniforms
  • Uniforms are to be worn for games only

Shorts are supplied as part of the registration fee and are the player’s to keep.  Please check the size for your child’s shorts at registration day.  Then make a note on the top left edge of your registration form as to what size shorts your child needs for this season.  This should ensure that each player has shorts that will properly fit them.

How to String a Lacrosse Stick Head Instructional Videos

Part 1 – Top String

Part 2 – Side Walls

Part 3 – Bottom and Shooting Strings