Surrey Lacrosse Celebrates 50 Years

2023 is a big year for Surrey Lacrosse – we are turning 50!!

What better time to share our absolutely stunning 50th anniversary logo collaboration with creative direction from Pete Natrall and graphic production with Ryan Johnston, both from the Squamish Nation. On behalf of the Surrey Lacrosse family, we are so grateful- thank you Pete & Ryan!

The Sturgeon is a local fish to the Fraser River and thought it would be nice to reflect how closely it is Surrey.

The Salish eye on the belly of the Sturgeon represents the Creator and our ancestors watching over and protecting us. The eagle head on the fin of the Sturgeon represents our thoughts and prayers being carried to the creator as the eagle is considered a messenger for us, the eagle is also respected for its vision and great foresight.

The traditional wood sticks along the Surrey Rebels in the logo, as well as with plastic head in the middle of the “R” represents the past, present and future of our lacrosse community, especially that within the Surrey Lacrosse community!